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Pharmaceutical Companies
"An illuminating look at the do's and
don'ts of effectively communicating
clinical trial results"
Ian Talmage
Held senior positions in major companies based in the UK, US, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Germany

"Weaving together all the threads in
a seamless how-to guide for pharma-
ceutical product managers"
David Spencer, PhD, Chief Operating Officer
Biolex Inc.
Pittsboro, North Carolina, USA

"Should be on every marketing
manager's and sales director's desk"
Günter Böttner, Managing Director
Böttner Consulting
Neuss, Germany

"Very articulate - I also
use it as a reference book"
V. N. Product Manager
Pharma Company
Basel. Switzerland

Media for the Healthcare Industry
"Excellent reading, based on very good
research. Has the potential to become
a reference book for marketers"
Andreas Guhl, MD, PhD, Editor
Health & Sales
Munich, Germany

"Great real-world examples,
very useful to any marketer"
Peter Stegmaier, Editor
Pharma Relations
Bonn, Germany

"Here's the know-how for the successful
communication of trial results"
Christian Sachse, Editor
PM Report
Berlin, Germany


Professional Service Firms: Marketing
"A book that enriches and enhances
professional know-how in
healthcare communication"
Günter Käfer, Chief Executive Officer Strategy
FGK Agency for Brand Communication
Düsseldorf, Germany

"Shows how to increase the value
of the brand and maximise return
on investment"
Mike Gibbs, Chief Executive Officer
Sherborne Gibbs
Birmingham, United Kingdom

Professional Service Firms: Medical
"Delivers the essentials
for success in
medical marketing"
Alain Rusterholtz, Director
Conseil d'Entreprises
Paris, France

Martin Bornemann, MD
Bornemann Medical Writing
Langenfeld, Germany

Medical Device Business
"Actually one of the best marketing books ...
Very well presented, comprehensive, and straightforward
.. the book itself is a good marketing lesson as a product"
R. L.
Vice President
Medical Device Company

Scientific Journal for Healthcare Professionals
"An easy-to-read guide for all those involved in converting
complex scientific data into marketable messages."
"Clear case studies and examples are used throughout to
strengthen ideas and theories in a clear and concise fashion."

Dr. Padraig J. Moran, BSc PhD
Clinical Project Manager, School of Pharmacy
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
More in the Irish Pharmacy Journal, October 2007

Note: German-Language Book
"Erfolgreich im Pharma-Marketing"



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